How to start with Ledger Nano S?

You just purchased your Nano S, now you need to configure it and install some applications to manage your coins.

You need 2 things to make your Nano S work:

  • a connected computer running Chrome browser, where you will install and run your wallets to manage your accounts, send and receive payments,
  • your Nano S with its USB cable to log in your Chrome applications and authenticate your transactions.
Your Nano S is a multi-application device, so you can install and uninstall several applications on it, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other ones (altcoins, authentication, etc.). These applications can be installed through the Ledger Manager, which is like a free app store.

To install what you need to start with your Nano S, go on and follow the instructions.

Following this tutorial pages you will:

  1. Initialize your Nano S
  2. Backup your wallet
  3. Install your coins wallets on Chrome: Ledger Wallet Bitcoin, Ledger Wallet Ethereum
  4. Install your Ledger Manager to manage your Nano S apps
Please note that the Ledger Authenticator application is not required with the Nano S, this app is only suited for Nano and HW.1.

Source: Official Website of Ledger Wallet- 


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