How can I buy Bitcoin online?

You can buy on platforms like Zebpay, Unocoin, CoinSecure, CoinMama, Changelly, LocalBitcoins, etc.


In India, Zebpay and Unocoin are the most popular wallet.

You can buy at Changelly using Visa and MasterCard

You can also buy through Cash, Paytm or any other wallet, Bank transfer, etc at LocalBitcoins.

If you are buying first time at LocalBitcoins before you buy you need to have your Bitcoin Address for that you can create an account on anyone of the above Exchanges. I will recommend to do Account verification of Exchange Platform first and then transfer bitcoins to that address.

If you wish to buy any other Cryptocurrency, you need to buy Bitcoin first then transfer Bitcoin to Poloniex, Kraken, Bitstamp exchanges.

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