What is the best way to read books effectively?

First thing:

Stop seeing a book like a one-time event. See a book like a friend. You read it over and over. You come back. And just like friends, you will pick one of them.

Second thing:

There is no rule, either, at how fast you have to read them and at what pace. Set your own pace. Sometimes you can take a week to read one. But, sometimes books have only one or two things worth reading. In fact, most books have that.

Sometimes I flip through the pages. I like to go through it three times. The first time, I read the table of contents, preface, book back, cover pages and all. Second time I go little faster. The third time I just focus on one chapter.

See yourself like a gold miner just looking for that one nugget. Then put it back on the shelf.

Third thing:

The average Indian buy 15 books a year. Maybe reads one book a month. You should read at least one book a week because everybody wants the good life, but nobody’s willing to read to get it. You must read more.

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