Which one is better to buy Ripple: Btcxindia.com or first buy Bitcoin then exchange it to Ripple?

Prices on Btcxindia.com is too high. So, I will suggest the later method to buy.

Benefits depends on the

  1. Liquidity is very important in the market. It will allow you to buy and sell whenever you wish to do. i.e, you have the power to exit the market immediately if some mishap happens.
  2. Do check the transaction fees and calculate the cost involved to buy the same amount of Ripple using both media.
  3. Different exchanges have a different price at the same time.
  4. Which mode you exchanging your ripple back to Rupee.
  5. In which mode you bought Ripple. As the two cases, we discussed.

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You can analyse it using this two cases given below

  1. You bought Bitcoins from Rupee, then Ripple from Bitcoins.

Suppose price of Bitcoins becomes 2X

2. You bought Ethereum first, then Ripple from Ethereum

Suppose the price of Ethereum becomes 3x.

You must be wondering. Once you have converted your currency into Ripple. Once the exchange from crypto-currency to another has completed. Why would it values will depend on its origin. i.e how I bought the Rippe. Should it depend on it? The answer is definitely NO.

What is the mistake in our above cases? The factor to which the Ripples price will become n times depends on which two currency pair is involved at the time of analysing the value.

Here is the conclusion.

  1. Only the “Number of Ripples” or “Amount of Ripple” you bought depends on the way you bought it. Since the value i.e graph variation of (Ripple vs Bitcoin) or (Ripple vs Ethereum )or (Ripple vs Rupee) or (Ripple vs Dollar) are differents.
  2. The profit you gain i.e number of times your investment values got multiplied also depend on, which currency pairs are involved when you sold your ripple back to Rupee.

Hope, I made you understand this.

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