Unite and Sue Yobit Unethical Scam

Update: They agreed to Refund the Bitcoins which were lost due to their Unnotified action to change Bitcoin Address

We are here to Unite and Sue Yobit Exchange. Thier Unethical and illogical Practice. They suddenly changed the BTC Address without Prior Notice. They only tweeted on Twitter and in Chat-Box. No-Email, they want us to read the chat-box all day, and follow them on twitter, otherwise, you are responsible for your own action.

Read the Chat with Support

YoBit.Net Support3.png



How we can Unite at the Same platform? I have created a FACEBOOK PAGE where we will decide and explore any Online Legal Action which we can do.


We can file a Complaint at


Internet Crime Complaint Center

Complain Link: https://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx

You can file the Complain Individually also. If you do so, please comment so we can get help from you.


One thought on “Unite and Sue Yobit Unethical Scam

  1. How do I join this? I sent 1424125.81187500 BITB to yobit from Bittrex back in Feb and I still have not been credited…. My yobit account shows that the transaction was deposited, the BITB block-chain does, and Bittrex replied confirming that the coins were deposited but I cant even get a reply on the issue. The other day I get a message saying that “All Stucked Transactions Have Been Cancelled ” but that is it and no reply after. My transaction was made before wallet maintenance began and should not have been “Stucked” I am a bit of a noob so im not great with block chain reading but it appears that my coins have been sent out to numerous different wallets and even staked. Any suggestions? I am learning how to file a suit in Russian courts as foreign citizens share the same rights as Russian citizens in Russian courts.


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