After the Nano S update in Ledger Wallet, I can’t find my coins

After a Nano S update (up to 1.3 release), your device is wiped. You need to recover your wallet and reinstall your applications on the device itself.

Once the update is achieved, you can make one choice between these 2 options:

  1. create a new wallet generating a new recovery phrase of 24 words, or
  2. recover the 24 words you previously copied

If you have created a new wallet, your balance is now null and you don’t have any operations displayed, as it is a new wallet, not your previous one. You need to reset your device and restore your existing wallet following this guide.

If you recovered your 24 words backup, and it doesn’t display the right balance, please:

  • quit the Bitcoin Chrome application
  • disconnect and reconnect your Nano s, open the Bitcoin app
  • launch again your Bitcoin Chrome app
  • if it doesn’t change anything, reset your application:
    To reset your Chrome app: click on Settings > Tools > Reset application data

Source: Official Website of Ledger Wallet-

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